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An Capital LLC is an early-stage venture capital firm with a focus in deep technology and enterprise software startups in the Southeast United States.

We gain access to top early stage companies through our extensive network, employ a rigorous screening process focused on sustainable long-term value creation, and accelerate portfolio company growth after investment through active involvement.

We look for companies that solve large global problems to make the world a better place.


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    Deep Technology & Enterprise Software

    We invest in companies with exceptional founders; novel, proprietary, protectable technologies; and the potential to solve complex, costly problems in large, global, inefficient industries. These characteristics increase the probability that our portfolio companies will create undeniable value for customers, rapidly take market share, grow revenue and cash flow, and generate strong long-term returns for all of their stakeholders.

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    Long-Term Value Oriented

    We invest in companies that we believe will become market leaders within 5-10 years, maintain strong and defensible profit margins throughout our investment period, and ultimately generate strong recurring cash flows leading to a large exit. To identify these companies with high conviction, we employ a rigorous screening process covering every aspect of the company, including its founders and team, market/industry, competitive landscape, customer value proposition, unit economics, intellectual property, go-to-market strategy, and more.

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    Early & Active Approach

    We employ an “early and active” approach to our investments to establish strong partnerships with company founders and work closely with them to refine their business plan and strategic direction. We directly add value to our portfolio companies through introductions to potential customers and strategic partners and active guidance in the areas of strategic planning, future fundraising, product development, sales and marketing, finance and operations, hiring and organizational structuring, and exit planning.

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    Focus On Underserved Markets

    We focus on under-capitalized markets in the Southeast, including Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, Nashville, and many more. Our target markets share several common characteristics: Strong corporate presence, highly ranked universities, affordable cost of living, and significant startup funding gap. By focusing our efforts in these select markets, we are able to invest in promising startups on favorable terms, generating strong returns for our investors and providing capital and strategic support to companies that may otherwise never get off the ground.

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    Meaningful & Measurable Impact

    We believe that financial returns and meaningful, measurable social and environmental impact are not mutually exclusive. Our investment criteria have a natural impact orientation as the majority of sectors and corporate profiles we consider have noble goals. Examples include novel vaccine delivery systems that reduce the need for antibiotics and chemicals in poultry production, sensors and software that reduce spoilage in the produce supply chain, and proprietary technology enabling vendor-agnostic searches and rapid, secure transmission of life-saving medical information.

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